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We are here and ready to provide professional, effective and sympathetic legal representation in cases involving:

Child Custody

One of the most important issues for separated parents is where a child will live and how decisions will be made for years to come. Contact us, and we shall guide you as to whether sole custody, joint custody or split custody are in your child’s best interest.

Child Access

Child Access is one of the most important parenting arrangements as it sets out when and how you or someone else will spend time with the children. We will help you to focus on what is in the best interests of your children and to prepare a plan to meet their needs. Contact our Family Practice Lawyers today.

Emergency Motion Proceedings

Has your child not been returned from visits despite an agreement or a court order? Has the other party left the jurisdiction with your child, and you believe they will not return? Do you strongly believe your child is at risk of harm when he/she is with the other party? Then you may be a candidate for an emergency court order that will hopefully resolve the impending problem. Do not waste time and contact our lawyer for Child Custody help immediately.

Child Support

Contact our Family Law Lawyer for advice as to whether your child is entitled to Child Support or whether you are obligated to pay support for a child. We can also advise you regarding changing child support or terminating child support altogether.

Family Responsibility Office Proceedings

If you have FRO proceedings against you or you want FRO to take action over non-payment of support, we can help. From driving license suspensions to wage garnishment, we can guide and support you through the process.

Spousal Support

A spouse may have an obligation to provide support for their former spouse or partner, in accordance with need, to the extent that he or she is capable of doing so. You can depend on our Family Law Lawyer to provide spousal support advice on whether you are entitled to support or obligated to pay support.

Division of Property

For married individuals The Family Law Act provides a framework as to how to divide your property post separation. This could involve a complicated procedure or this can become a complicated process. Family Lawyers in Barrie guide and advise you through the process of figuring out this somewhat complicated formula to ensure you reach a fair and reasonable settlement. For division of property assistance and advice, contact us.

CAS Proceedings

If the Children’s Aid Society have commenced proceedings against you let us advise with this regard as these proceedings can be complicated and life altering.


You may have heard of “legal separation.” You should know that you will always be married until a Divorce order granted by the court. Let our Family Lawyer in Barrie take you through the process of obtaining a Divorce Order. We are also able to provide you with legal advice regarding any legal issues resulting from your divorce.

Separation, Marriage and Cohabitation Agreements 

Although you may sit at the kitchen table or email endlessly back and forth to work out how you wish your matters to be settled and even type these terms up and sign them, a lawyer can advise you regarding the full capacity of your actions in terms of present and future legal ramifications. We strongly recommend that you do not enter into homemade agreements. Contact our Family Lawyers to professionally implement the agreed-upon terms into a legally binding domestic contract. Please note that we can only assist one of the two parties to a contract.

The following Support Services are offered at AGSLAW as an addition to any of our services or individually:

Wills & Estate

Wills & estate law includes all the aspects relating to property acquisition, ownership and disposition of real estate. Our team of Real Estate Lawyers will prepare and negotiate agreements for the purchase and sale of the property. We will also advice you and assist you on other procedures relating to ownership, co-ownership and joint-ventures.

Court Representation

If you feel nervous or otherwise unable to stand in front of a Judge and deliver your case on your own, we can appear as agents with you on your day of court and not simply speak with Judge but also assist in negotiations with the opposing party on the day.

Court Documents Preparation Assistance

If you feel overwhelmed at the amount and complexity of family rules paperwork, let our best lawyer help you draft these documents. With help in completing forms, you can be assured that the documents are “judge ready,” and no time is wasted.

Order interpretation: you need clarification on what an order/s mean (i.e. your rights and obligations under the order).

Order drafting: you have a handwritten court agreement (Minutes of Settlement) and you wish for us to have the order drafted.

Limited Scope Retainers and Unbundled Legal Services

Please consult with us about the option of a limited scope retainer or an unbundled legal services agreement, which may be more affordable. With this agreement, a lawyer or paralegal provides legal services for part, but not all, of a client's legal matter.


Let us be your guide through the many processes of Family Law such as Court appearances, mediation, OCL and CAS meetings, phone calls to opposing parties among many others. We can meet with you and strategize a response or strategize a start to your proceedings to place you on the right foot. Come in for as many meetings as you find necessary for you to remain well informed while making tough choices.


AGSLAW can be retained to prepare Correspondences on your behalf. For example, you received a letter from your former spouse, or their lawyer and wish for us to formulate the response on your behalf in a professional manner. Or you wish not to have any contact with the opposing side.

Legal Research

Let our legal professionals research an area of the law using the latest technology that relates to your situation to help you make the best choices in relation to the question/s at hand.

Offers to Settle

You feel that you have a good idea as to how to resolve your legal issue. Let us help you prepare a comprehensive and effective Offer to Settle which will protect your present and future legal interests.

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